Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A bit of career adviceā€¦
Far be it my place to advise anyone on career moves. All I would say is be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Ever since I was young, I dreamt of being a business consultant that traveled far and wide, regularly commuted with people in foreign languages and was able to help them surpass their goals.

This is what I do for a living and I find myself wishing that I had chosen a quieter profession that keeps me at home longer and gives me less time in the office. It is true that I enjoy some traveling but for me this means I spend a lot of time trying to sleep on airplanes, trying my best not to look sleepy while in boring business meetings listening to Korean managers drone on in a language they do not speak even close to well, much less do they care. It also means that I have to get used to different time zones and weather. I do enjoy meeting people but in the end, I spend time on the airplane, a little in the hotel and a lot in the office.

All of this is perhaps hindsight that is common for all people to have. What is probably not common is the experience of working for a Korean company. Loque quiero decirles es que si sea posible, no trabaje por una compania coreana. Yo me crece en los EEUU y los negros, mexicanos y otros grupos siempre dician que todo no fue equal para ellos y los blancos. Beuno, por supuesto el mundo ne sea egual pero yo no creo que fuera tan mal como me dician. Como he trabajado por una compania coreana yo entiendo muy bien el rasismo, quizas mejor que ellos. En el caso mio, si digo algo a alguien sobre loque me siento, los coreanos siempre me dicen que es por falta de ser blanco y que como es natural que por favor, no me enoje. Me siento como esclavo y no hay relacion con dinero. Solo en como me piensen, me hablen y el trabajo que me den me siento asi.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Fish Story
I have been interested to watch the events of last week on the North Coast of Northern California. There was a shark attack at Salmon Creek beach that was probably a great white. San Franc
isco channel four had a good report on it http://www.kron4/Global/story.asp?S=4001100 I recommend that you watch the video. The video claims that there have been about 6 attacks in the past 10 years. The girl that was attacked seems to be doing fine and despite the less than atractive scars the shrk left her, it looks like she will recover nicely. There are a few aspects of this story that make it worth my while to stay up and comment about it.
First, I am no stranger to this beach having gone there many a time to escape hot summer weather, surf or just play around. The beach is never crowded. Parking can be a problem on large holidays yes but never crowded. From a statistical point of view, the high frequency of shark attacks coupled with the relatively few people that are willing to brave the unpredictable undertows, sleeper waves and 52 degree water temperature all combine to give this beach an unusually high probability for a shark attack. When one takes into consideration, on top of this, the fact that it is widely believed that these attacks are carried out by Great White sharks, which are rare, swimming here is inherently dangerous.
Another thing is that sharks are attracked to certain places because there is food and in this particular place the food of choice for Great Whites is California Sea Lion but there are generally none to be found at this beach which is why it is peculiar that shark attacks here should be so common.
The last thing about this story that is interesting is the fact that when it was first reported, the shark was supposed to have been about 12' in length. This figure has grown
as large as 19 feet and now it seems like the most probably size is somewhere between 14 and 18 feet.

Having been passionate about diving for abalone in these same waters I can tell you that it is something I would think about EVERYTIME I got in the water. Not only is the water cold even with a full wetsuit on and the waves and currents strong but visibility is often a few feet at best meaning even IF a shark needed to swim by to get a closer look, chances are you would never know it. A favorite spot of mine to go after these delicacies often had a few sea lions that would swim with us. Most of the time they were just curious and would watch us but sometimes they would get a little too close and we would have to yell at them and splash. Ab diving is a great sport and I sincerely hope to be able to do it with mmy son some time in the future but it is important to remember the North Coast is a place full of danger and one has to respect the sea and her pwer to live.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Mighty-dog's Dog Run
The mighty-dog happens to be living far from his normal ranging ground of beautiful Sonoma County in Northern California. Now the might-dog happens to have quite a bit of range, probably more than most people. This leads him to communicate with people from all over the world. It always makes me laugh to hear people in other parts of the world talk about how crowded the place they live is. Recently the mighty-dog returned from a trip to the Netherlands where they tried their hardest to convince him that the Netherlands is a rediculously densly populated country. Rather than being judgemental about things and jumping to conclusions, I decided to take some pictures of the biggest city in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and the biggest city in Korea (Seoul) and compare them to back up my argument.
Okay, the bildings iin the Netherlands are close together, I will give them that and I will also admit there are alot of people that live on boats but... look at Seoul.

By the way, the pictures with blue skys are Seoul and the other ones are the Netherlands.
To put this into context with people from the US, California is the most populous state in the US and it has a population of around 29 million. The Seoul metro area (including the surrounding suburbs) has approximately that many people give or take a few million. The point I am trying to make is that you will hear people from Europe and the US complain about too many people and high population density but in Asia, people do not complain about it because it is a fact of life for them. I think given the chance, they would like more room but they know it is not going to happen so they generally don't complain. For people that have never been to Asia, they really should make the trip to experience what it is like.

Sunday, September 25, 2005